Dr Vandana Gupta, MBBS
Dev Eye Clinic, Xray and Ultrasound Center
Jagadhari Road
Near Bhartiya Public School
Ambala Cantt.
Haryana: 133001

+919655541134 (WhatsApp preferred)
Email: chvandanaa@gmail.com

This is a space that will help connect you with yourself thereby feeling peace, joy and wellbeing.

The Healing Space is there to help you heal your stress-related pain or ailments like ligament tears and allergies. It will assist you to achieve peace and calm within yourself. In this Space you will find your inner balance. The healing of your body is aided by gentle means like homeopathy, energy healing, consciousness work, tarot and remedies prepared from flowers.

The healing process rests on the fact that you are not the body ā€“ you HAVE a body which is like a garment on your real self. So during the healing process you are helped to reconnect to your real self and begin to get a feeling of wellness.

People who look forward to living a healthy life are welcome to take appointments with doctor and healer, Dr Vandana.