A flower essence contains the vibrations of the flower that water captured when the flower was immersed in it in full sunshine.

Sometimes when the essence resonates to the person who is taking it the person can smell and even taste it; otherwise it is just like water — special water vibrating to a different frequency.

These essences are luminous. Made in the water from the Ganges river, they can last for a very long time without preservatives. Each essence is made in the sunshine. The Indian sun being very strong the flowers are kept in the water for 1 – 11/2 hours only. After this time the water has the color, the taste and fragrance of the flowers. It can also carry a special sparkle with some flowers.

Here, the remedies are named or called by the spiritual significance given to them by the Mother. Over the years, these waters have been used by many people with or without problems.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have worked to bring a new plane of consciousness that is beyond the mind to enter matter. This is the `new consciousness’, the truth-consciousness. It makes earth-matter which was hitherto apparently dull and inert, glow and reverberate with the supreme presence.

To come into contact with this is possible for human beings who stand in their true being, their soul. The soul is an inherent part of us that intuitively, instinctively and spontaneously lives in the divine presence. When the soul comes forward and takes charge of life, mind and body, they start resonating to the qualities of the infinite, eternal, all knowing being-ness that transcends all barriers.

Discords, conflicts, disharmonies, dis-eases, dissolve. There comes a simple joy, light, peace, harmony and beingness that lightens everything around it.

These flower essences when chosen correctly help each person to stand in their uniqueness i.e. their innermost truth. Each one can blossom like a flower opening to the sun of love, light, knowledge and truth.