Workshop on Healing Pain

This is a workshop for learning how to deal with physical pain without any tools (like medicines, herbs, acupuncture acupressure, etc.).

The secret lies within us.

The 3-day workshop focuses on:

  1. Connecting to the physical pain.
  2. Sitting with it.
  3. Observing and sensing what it hides.

This begins a process by which pain can dissolve.

The workshop is conducted by Dr. Vandana Gupta who has been assisting this work of self-healing for  more than 20 years.

Date:7-9th December, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Timings: 10-12 am; 3-5 pm

Venue: Healing Center, Ma’s own, Opposite Felicity, Near Mango Hill, Old Auroville road, Bommayarpalayam, Tamil Nadu.

Contact by whatsapp: 9655541134

Amount: Rs. 4000

Dear Friends

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Here is the talk of Marko on the work he is doing and his dreams. (Courtesy Miriam, Auroville)

It was a beautiful experience for me.





This workshop of three days is about connecting to a place within where peace, light, joy, simplicity and love exist. This space is always part of us but in the busy-ness of life we forget or ignore it. These 3 days will be dedicated to rediscover and nurture this part of us. Through different ways we will try to come back to this inner presence. The purpose of this work is to find a wellness in daily life by a simple retreat inside.

Venue: Healing Center, Opposite Felicity, Near Mango Hill, Old Auroville road, Bommayarpalayam.

No. of seats: 12

Dates: 23 – 25 December, 2017.

Timings: 10-12 am; 3-5 pm

Amount: Rs. 3600

May be paid to: Vandana Gupta; Account No. 087001000570345; City Union Bank, Bussy street, Pondicherry; IFS Code CIUB0000087


What happened in the workshop
(19 – 21 August)

1st day
The physical body as our base

This day was spent exploring the body from inside through awareness and connection to the different parts. All the different worlds of the mind, emotions psychic being and subliminal layers could be seen or experienced when we connected to the body concretely through an inner awareness.

2nd day
Exploring the body with the 5 senses

This day was spent by seeing the body by looking inside;
feeling the body through inner sensation as hot, cold, vibrations currents, flows etc;
smelling inside;
tasting inside and
hearing the body.
By the end of this day we could understand which parts of the body were persistently not well.

3rd day
Self – Healing without tools

This day focussed on bringing back the equilibrium by being present. Some people tried to work in pairs for this.

We remembered to be careful to keep a detachment from the problem even as we sensed it in its totality. No fear or brooding over it was essential for the miracle of wellness and ease. It is important to BE not DO. If the problem disappears not to doubt that its gone or think, will it come back?

I hope we can continue this work of conscious contact now wherever we are…


(Inner Awareness of the Body)

Coordinator: Dr Vandana Gupta

Healing Centre,
Near Mango Hill, Opposite Felicity,
Old Auroville Road,Bommaryarpalayam, 605104.

Phone: 0413-2623494, +91 9655541134, 

Date: 19.08.2017 — 21.08.2017 (Saturday to Monday)

Time: 10-12 am, 3-6 pm; 6-7 Sunset meditation

No of Seats: 12 

Cost: Rs. 3600 per person

Admission is on first come first serve basis. Registration will close as soon as the total number of seats is filled.

People from outside need to make their own arrangements for accommodation, transportation and food 


To allow your body to heal through an inner awareness


The three days will be devoted to self-healing and exploring the body through the senses.

In this workshop, we focus on developing our inner resources that are often left dormant. We will access the subtle senses of feeling, vision, hearing, smell and taste.We will go into the inner space of the body and connect to it deeply. As the connection to the body through an inner awareness comes, most often the body heals. Sometimes we need to express in words, what has created the problem. When we express this understanding aloud, the body responds. You can experience this in the workshop.

Please note that while there are many methods available for self-healing in the world today, like Reiki, Pranic healing, acupressure etc., they will be out of scope of this workshop.

Suggested Reading: ‘The Body Speaks’ by Dr. Vandana Gupta

To get a copy of the book please write to the above email address.