The Tree


A Parijata (Nyctanthus Arboris) tree had been planted at the Healing Center. It has lovely white flowers with a flaming orange center and stalk. Its fragrance fills the air around. This tree in the Indian tradition is brought to the earth by Lord Krishna. So, it is also called Harsingar (beautifying Hari). The flowers fall face down in the mornings. Many of you may be familiar with it since it is as precious as Tulsi in India. The Mother calls it Aspiration. So, I eagerly awaited its bloom.

We looked after it diligently year after year. However, nothing happened. One day, I went to it and asked, “There are plants and trees younger and smaller than you that have flowered. Why haven’t you?” I waited for an answer, but the tree remained silent. 

I got busy with my tasks and forgot about this. In the evening as I was resting, I heard a voice, “How can I flower? Look at me. I receive no sunlight!”

In the morning, I went to look at the tree. It was completely overshadowed by the branches of the adjacent cashew tree. So, we trimmed the branches of the cashew tree. Once done, I was happy. Now, I waited. For many months I would go and visit the tree daily hoping to see new buds but always came back disappointed. Finally, I got fed up and asked again, “What you asked for was done! Then, why do you not flower now?”
This time the reply came without a warning, spontaneous and quick, “Be patient!” 

Now the tree is laden with flowers. During its flowering time, is a waterfall of flowers! And the flowers are SO BIG. Once a friend who has a magical connection to plants was visiting. She was happily picking the flowers and joyously singing, “They are so big, so big.” At that moment a flower that was having a double layer of petals fell at her feet.

Such is our life with the plants! So simple and loving and blessed.


My Path to Healing

A glimpse into the first weekend
(23rd and 24th April,2022)

The message for the workshop from the Mother was, “…and in the discovery lies the freedom.”

The sessions were a work of connecting to the body by awareness and watching the changes that happened. Interesting discoveries were made like: while focusing on the affected part the cause of the problem was perceived in another area; another person found recurrent patterns emerge; another discovered how the perception changed when the awareness is through the heart; another discovered the difference between pure awareness and awareness through the mind. It was a journey of discovery.

Here are a few photos from this weekend:

Exploring Periwinke

Flowers carry a world within themselves. To see and experience these worlds, we take the first step by being with this flower. Hold it in your hands, feel its touch, inhale its fragrance, perceive its colours and nuances. As you slowly enter into a contact with it, it is very likely that the flower will begin to speak to you.

Today, we try this exercise with Periwinkle, also known as Sadabahar, Nithyakalyani and Nayantara in Indian languages. It is a flower that blooms easily with little effort and is commonly found. If you cannot find it in your vicinity, try experiencing the flower through the images in video below.

Establishing Contact

The first step in the process of healing is to create a space within oneself and establish a connection or a contact with the modality. The same is true for flowers. In the following video, take a small journey along with Dr Vandana to open yourself to the healing capacity of flowers:

Being Whole

Being in nature, brings a spontaneous well-being. In nature, the connection to oneself springs forth naturally. It is this connection that allows the healing to unfold in a way which is best for the patient. In this video, Dr Vandana talks about becoming whole with flowers, a state from which we can express gracefully, our highest potential in life and work.

Flower Essences for Healing

Flowers in their simple way open us to the world of light, joy, hope and vastness. They not only have the power to change emotional and psychological states, but can also improve and heal the physical body. In the video below, Dr Vandana gives us a glimpse into the world of flower essences which she has been preparing and using for more than 25 years.

Self Healing through Inner Awareness

Dear friends,
Here is a glimpse into the workshop of August, 2017.

1st day
The physical body as our base
This day was spent exploring the body from inside through awareness and connection to the different parts. All the different worlds of the mind, emotions psychic being and subliminal layers could be seen or experienced when we connected to the body concretely through an inner awareness.

2nd day
Exploring the body with the 5 senses
This day was spent by seeing the body by looking inside;
feeling the body through inner sensation as hot, cold, vibrations currents, flows etc;
smelling inside;
tasting inside and
hearing the body.
By the end of this day we could understand which parts of the body were persistently not well.

3rd day
Self – Healing without tools
This day focused on bringing back the equilibrium by being present. Some people tried to work in pairs for this. We remembered to be careful to keep a detachment from the problem even as we sensed it in its totality. No fear or brooding over it was essential for the miracle of wellness and ease. It is important to BE not DO. If the problem disappears not to doubt that its gone or think, will it come back?

I hope we can continue this work of conscious contact now wherever we are…


“It is faith that gets things done and even makes the impossible possible.”  Sri Aurobindo

Dr. Vandana Gupta, MBBS20140504_114400
Round building, Gated Properties
(Opposite Felicity, between Gaia’s Garden and Mango Hill)
Tamilnadu – 605 104

Ph: 9655541134, 9488658263

•    To help you to find a cure for your disease.
•    To help you to grow further in joy, peace and vastness when you are   healthy.

This place is inspired by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Under their Light and Guidance, the body becomes a crucible for the process of an inner alchemy, a transformation.

Illness, aging, birth, death, rebirth, karmic imprints are all areas in which human beings are not alone. Plants, animals, birds, fish, earth, water, fire, air all are part of us and we are part of them. This is a place where all can come into harmony within and without.  As we learn to balance our outer nature and bring it in tune with the inner, the whole shifts.  Worlds within and without are aligned.  The earth moves into a new age.

Let the light, consciousness, bliss and force, pour into matter.  May we be strong and vast enough to bear its impact and let it grow in the living matter of our body.

As the Mother says,” An illness of the body is only the outer expression and translation of a disorder, a disharmony in the inner being; unless this inner disorder is healed, the outer cure cannot be total and permanent.”

This Healing center is created to help you to bring back the inner harmony in yourself and life. It is a place where you can reconnect to your purpose and your Light.

So when when an illness happens, is when we need time to retreat and look into the questions: “What is really troubling me?” and “Who is this I?”

The Centre for Healing is a place that is conducive to this study and growth…

This is a space created for BEING rather than doing. The physician helps you to get well.
The ways in which a healing process can be facilitated are:

1. Flower remedies
A flower remedy is the essence of flowers immersed  in Ganges water. These remedies are prepared by Dr. Vandana ( a few by a French friend of flowers from France) herself over many years. The flowers are mostly taken from the Ashram gardens or Auroville. The remedies are based on flowers to which the Mother has given significance. These essences have the capacity to heal giving a feeling of well-being. When selected well they make you feel lighter and happier. They can also cure illness.

2. Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy is used here to relieve acute and chronic problems when the person needs them.
(For more info. on Homoeopathy;

3. Pranic healing
Pranic healing is used to diagnose problems in the subtle body and to rebalance you to your core energy.
(For more info. on Pranic healing;

4. Tarot
The way Tarot is used here is by looking at illness from the viewpoint of the soul. It is also used to help look at the inner cause of illness and how it can be healed.
(For more info. on Tarot;

5. Allopathic support

6.  A time of guided self-reflection
This is used for people who have an inner vision /sense. In a session lasting one to two hours, the person is helped to look inside at the area which is not well. As you look/ feel into the real cause of suffering, the part automatically heals itself! Illness – acute or chronic just dissolves. This work is a special work done at this Healing center.

You can join the programme of self-healing through prior appointments…