Dr. Vandana
(Doctor and Healer)

  • MBBS, Year of 1985
  • She has been evolving the Flower
    remedies based on the Mother’s significance since 1990.
  • She has been working with the concept of an Integral approach to healing since 1990.
  • Learnt Homoeopathy 1991-95.
  • Learnt Pranic Healing, Iridology, Perceptible Breath and Tarot 1993-99.
  • Author of book, Body Speaks (Healing through knowledge) and Flowers Heal.
  • Medical officer HP State Medical Service, 1986  -1990.
  • Coordinator at the Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Integral Health and Research (SAIIIHR) since its inception, 1990 – 2014.
  • One of the Editors of a medical journal, NAMAH since its initiation in 1993.
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5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Dr.Vandana is highly intuitive and her calm presence itself brings a soothing to any ailment we approach her with – may it be physical, mental or emotional.
    She is so gentle as a flower in her interactions and her strength is solid as a rock.

    I have had the blessed opportunity to receive multiple sessions from Dr.Vandana and also could be part of her flower essence course. Every time I visit her something in my psyche shifts positively.

    Thank you Dr.Vandana for offering your love and your works for us.


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